riyadh cheap airline tickets

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Fly Akeed lets you book flights with your desired destination, departure date & time, number of passengers, budget, stops, duration, cabin, and airlines.

cheap flights in riyadh

"Buy My Tickets"

We can make your life easier by buying tickets on your behalf from the airlines directly!
*Gradual Release

cheap flights in riyadh

Multiple Airlines Search

With support to multiple airlines, Fly Akeed can find the best possible flight for you. More airlines to come soon!

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riyadh cheap airline tickets

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Use Fly Akeed's hotel search to book a room for your stay within just a few clicks!

Review your Flight Itinerary

Fly Akeed lets you view your booking details and itinerary summary.

One-click booking

Mark your frequent destinations as "favorite" so you can book your trips faster.

Rebook Flights

You can book flights again if you missed buying your tickets.

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