Terms and Conditions for Fly Akeed

Article 1: Introduction

Welcome to Fly Akeed, these are the terms and conditions concerning using and logging into the website or the mobile application. Your use of the website Fly Akeed, Flyakeed.com, includes all the pages, links, tools and features branching from it. By using Fly Akeed, you agree to all of the following terms and conditions.This agreement is valid for the use of any of Fly Akeed services or platforms. Fly Akeed reserves the right to change these terms and conditions without prior notice. If you do not agree to any of the terms of use, you must not use the website or Fly Akeed mobile application.

Article 2 : Definitions

  1. Fly Akeed: the website and the mobile application of Fly Akeed, is a registered trademark in Saudi Arabia.
  2. Company: Almubadarat Tech company is the owner of Fly Akeed and its brand including but not limited to the technical and intellectual rights in it. The company is located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
  3. User:: Any person accessing, browsing or downloading Fly Akeed, or part thereof, or the use of services provided by Fly Akeed by any means.
  4. Services / Information: Any information and / or services provided by Fly Akeed.
  5. Carrier Lines : Airlines that Fly Akeed utilizes and do their reservations online.

Article 3: Membership

  1. Fly Akeed granted membership for only those over or at least 18 years during signup / application for membership process. The site has the right to cancel any user which upon checking / validation doesn’t comply with the age bracket / requirement.
  2. Do not use any username that belongs to or already registered to Fly Akeed. Username should be unique and/or not yet existing in the system.
  3. No user / member is entitled to use more than one e-mail and open more than one account for whatever reason. Fly Akeed has the right to manage and freeze offending accounts and / or cancel these accounts or one of them that doesn’t comply to site’s policies.
  4. The user acknowledges and agrees that in case the user or member was proven to breach any of the item above, the user shall be held liable and/or at the discretion to Fly Akeed and it’s affiliated company.
  5. Hawk Membership can be purchased either by (1) paying a monthly subscription fee or (2) by paying an annual fee (15+% savings), which gives you access to the Fly Akeed Hawk Member Services for a specific period of time.
    • Your Membership will automatically renew at the end of the subscription period.
    • You can cancel your Membership anytime but it will only take effect after the last day of the current membership period
    • The automatic renewal of subscription will stop if there are insufficient credit card balance to pay for the Service and will take effect after your current subscription, or if the set credit card is removed.
    • Upgrading from a monthly to annual membership will take effect after the last day of the current membership period;
    • If you wish to receive full refund of all fees paid, please contact Customer Support. Refunds are not guaranteed and can be a case to case basis.
    • Fly Akeed may change the price for the Hawk Membership from time to time, and will communicate any price changes to you in advance and, if applicable, how to accept those changes. Price changes for the membership will take effect by the start of the next subscription period following the date of the price change.
    • By accepting this terms and conditions, you agreed that you have read, and fully understood all conditions for our membership.

Article 4: User Accounts and Obligations

After the completion of the registration process and/or the application for membership with Fly Akeed, the user is obliged to disclose specific information such as: a username and a password to be used when logging into the site. Upon acceptance of the application for registration and being considered as a member of Fly Akeed, the user has agreed to:

  1. To be responsible, in maintaining the confidentiality of information about his/her account and password and/or to identify the persons who are allowed to access and use his/her Fly Akeed account.
  2. The user should refrain any illegal use, breach or a break the policy. Should those kind of activity occur please inform Fly Akeed and/or its affiliated company immediately
  3. In any case of failure to inform Fly Akeed or its affiliated company on any unauthorized use and / or breach of the account, the company and/or Flyakeed does not assume any responsibility nor should be held liable for any damage occur.
  4. User acknowledges that all the information that he/she disclose are true and correct, up to date and complete.
  5. During or immediately after the registration, the user should fill in her/his contact details such as; address, email, phone numbers, or credit card numbers.
  6. Fly Akeed is committed to dealing with the user’s personal information with utmost confidentially. In cases of Ticket Purchasing, Fly Akeed only provides the basic information to your carrier or airlines such as your contact information in order to complete the booking process.
  7. The user is obliged to maintain the registration data and update respectively for the purpose of keeping them true, correct and current. And if it disclosed/discovered that it is untrue, incorrect, not current, incomplete or contrary to what came in the user agreement, the company has the full right to stop, limit or cancel the user’s membership at the discretion of Fly Akeed and/or it’s affiliated company.
  8. The user agree to provide Fly Akeed and / or the company any information and / or documents upon request.
  9. Failure to comply with any of the above, the management team of Fly Akeed and / or the company has the right to suspend or cancel his/her membership and block the user access on the site or application of Fly Akeed. The company reserves the right to cancel any accounts which are unconfirmed, unproven, dead or accounts that have been inactive for an extended period of time.
  10. Fly Akeed has the right to provide exclusive services to its members after paying a membership fee, and are subject to the terms and conditions specified for that service.
  11. In the case of non- compliance with any of the above, the management of Fly Akeed and / or the company has the right to suspend or cancel your membership and block your access on the site or application of Fly Akeed. We reserve as well as the right to cancel any accounts which are unconfirmed and unproven, or accounts that have been sitting out for a long time without activity.
  12. Fly Akeed has the right to provide exclusive services to its members after paying a membership fee, and are subject to the terms and conditions specified for that service.

Article 5: Responsibilities and Obligations

  1. Fly Akeed offers to find its members a reservation on a vacant carrier line/s, as well as the possibility to purchase tickets on behalf of the user.
  2. Fly Akeed is not responsible for any conditions the carrier lines imposed about the flights, the user must verify the eligibility to travel on them.
  3. Fly Akeed’s responsibility ends as soon as the airline/carrier provides the booking service and/or complete the ticket purchase process on behalf of the user. Fly Akeed passed on the responsibility then between the user and carrier lines according to the terms and conditions of the airline/carrier company.
  4. Bookings are subject to the terms and condition on the airline/carrier and the user must review information before they confirm the booking.
  5. Fly Akeed deals with the information entered by the user as true but this does not bear Fly Akeed any liability as a result of an error the user had entered or selected. If the user does not get the e-ticket because of any wrong entry the user must notify Fly Akeed as soon as possible if there are changes in phone numbers or e-mail. The user should make sure that the name in the booking and ticket matches the name on his/her passport.
  6. Once Fly Akeed completed the purchase the user should check travel requirements, such as the need to obtain a visa for travel to some destinations. Also, the user must have a valid passport for travel, and that the expiration date of your passport is acceptable to all states/country which he/she wants to enter. The user can get more information about passport requirements and visa from the embassy of the country he/she is traveling to.
  7. When the user is sure to make a reservation or mandate to buy a ticket, Fly Akeed will request and use of information related to the user as may be required for the management of the reservation. This may include personal information such as user, gender, date of birth, name and details of his passport or national identity with the payment details and information on the means of communication ( such as phone number and email address ) and any other mandatory information from the carrier/airlines.
  8. Fly Akeed is just an intermediary between the user and carrier/airlines, which is not binding in any way or in any party involved.
  9. Fly Akeed ensures that the user or carrier/airlines will carry the completion of the deal, or depends on the condition can be refundable in some cases.
  10. Fly Akeed and / or company is not responsible for the lack of final completion of the reservation process, where the contract for the sale of any ticket will be bilateral between the user and carrier/airlines.
  11. Fly Akeed and / or company is not responsible for any final performance if not satisfactory or late by either party, nor for any loss or malfunction or delay.
  12. Fly Akeed and / or the company is not liable for any claims arising from errors or omissions.
  13. The user acknowledges and agrees which exempts Fly Akeed and / or the company and / or any of its officials and their representatives, on any claim, dispute, costs, damages, and liability, and any direct loss on the booking process which might be beyond control of the system/application.
  14. The Fly Akeed excludes from guarantees and Terms and Conditions of any losses financial, distort the reputation, and any special damages arising from the poor use of or inability to use Fly Akeed, and that Fly Akeed and / or the company does not bear any responsibilities or claims in such cases.
  15. Acknowledges and agrees the user that exempts Fly Akeed and / or the company and / or any of its officials and their representatives, on any claim, dispute, costs, damages, and liability, and any direct loss.
  16. Acknowledges and agrees the user winning services from Fly Akeed and / or the company and keep them away from damages resulting from any responsibilities, or losses, claims, payments, even if a fee is acceptable.
  17. Fly Akeed, seeks to provide the site and the application and all services permanently and continuously within twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week. However, it may cause technical malfunctions, and routine maintenance have left the service for limited periods to be returned to service as soon as possible. Fly Akeed and / or the company does not bear any damages may occur during these periods.

Article 6: Payments & Return Policy

  1. Fly Akeed provides reservation services or the mandate to purchase tickets by buying a subscription bouquets ( points) to use, and be all the points for only one reservation.
  2. Fly Akeed offers a certain number of packages containing points, and retains the full right to amend or repeal some of the packages without prior notice.
  3. Validity of bundle is within a full year from the date of purchase, if the points were not used during the year and the balance was not filtering the user has the right to claim them.
  4. When the user wants to retrieve the value of the package in cash, the value of the points will be used, including discount depending on the cost of the nearest bouquet remaining to the user's account.
  5. If the user requests to redeem points or financial services amounts in the event of winning those points because of his call to other users, but only have to make a reservation or authorizing the purchase of the ticket used.
  6. Fly Akeed is entitled to take certain additional fees the premium membership according to the terms and conditions characteristic for membership.
  7. The user is not entitled to claim additional or alternative points if the bookings that were made due to non-payment to the carrier. Fly Akeed and / or the company's financial liability to the user about it will be canceled.
  8. When delegating Fly Akeed to buy the ticket on behalf of the user, the user is required to provide certain data to Fly Akeed such as credit card and its mandate to buy tickets, and it is accepted by the user using the credit card discount booking fees at any time.
  9. When you provide Fly Akeed incorrect or forged or stolen financial information, user agrees that Fly Akeed will not be held liable and accountable.
  10. Fly Akeed is not liable to the user in case they provided forged and stolen information. Fly Akeed will use all legal means and make sure that user’s account will be closed and the user will be blocked from the site permanently.
  11. Flight Bundles
    • Cancellation of Bundles or Services purchased is disallowed after the payment gateway company has confirmed payment and authorized payment has been captured.
    • You can purchase as many bundles as you can but please note that each bundle can only be used one year after the purchase was made.
  12. Buy my Tickets
    • Buy my Tickets allows you to automatically purchase tickets from Saudi Airlines without leaving Fly Akeed.
    • Purchased Ticket will be charged to your selected credit card.
    • If you selected to buy the tickets automatically, the Booked Flight cannot be rebooked or archived.
    • You will be notified immediately if the ticket is already purchased or if there are problems encountered with the purchasing.
    • For your security and protection, we are not using your saved credit card in Fly Akeed to purchase your tickets; a special algorithm is used to for this feature.
    • For Cancellation of tickets, please contact Saudi Airlines.
    • All refunds from Saudi Airlines will be added to your virtual wallet, which can you use to buy bundles or purchase another ticket.

Article 7: Limitation on Use

  1. The user is obliged to use Fly Akeed only for the purpose of making reservations or transact business with the company in accordance with legal rules. It also required to agree and use location services for personal use only and not for commercial use.
  2. The user is obliged to use it’s location services to make reservations or purchase operations in accordance with legal rules. It also required that the user agrees not to make any false reservation or any reservation in anticipation of the existence of demand for it in the future. Fly Akeed and / or the company does not assume responsibility for cancellation of bookings that were made without notice by the carrier lines.
  3. User shall comply with all the provisions of the purchase and payments, including, but not limited to, make a full payment of all amounts owed to the carrier lines, as well as to follow all rules regarding availability of fares, products or services. User are solely responsible for all fees and tax values ​​and estimated expenses, taxes and costs arising from use of the site or sites tanker lines.
  4. User agrees not to misuse Fly Akeed, including the misuse of the site, for example, but not limited to the following:
    • distortion or harassment, stalking, threaten or manipulate the rights of others or to violate as stipulated in the applicable law
    • Fly Akeed will not be liable to any downloads made by users.
    • damage to operations that are performed on the computers of others and their programs and blatant interference in any form, including, but not limited to, downloading corrupted files or computer viruses or downloaded or transferred.
    • delete or misrepresent the origin of any file you download or upload or any rights do exist, including, but not limited to, delete the words authors function on the property or tariffs or patent or copyright or trademark notices.
    • the transfer of trade secrets or publish or disclose, or to do so in relation to material or other proprietary information confidential or protected .
    • download or upload files in an unlawful way to distribute through the Internet site
    • Interference with the Internet site or servers or networks connected to the Internet site, including the attempt to overlap with the arrival of any other user or host or other network, including, but not limited to, excessive loading or startup or publishing or participation or guidance or trying to launch attacks " to cut service " or " send emails random " or " disruption" or " flow " or " sabotage the e-mail ."
    • guide the direct control of harmful spiders or means embodiment or smart media or any other mechanism operations to the company's Systems Software, or otherwise create excessive loads on any of the company's computers or networks, storage and input / output devices or control devices mail or infrastructure.
    • transmit any information, software obtained through the web site, or copy works taken from the site, create, display, distribute, license, perform, publish, recreate, reproduced, sold or transferred.
    • false use of your password or personal identification number during the login to Fly Akeed, or falsification of identity or the authorities to act on behalf of another person.
    • Do not violate any intellectual property rights of Fly Akeed and / or the company. Do not do anything illegal, unlike the above, or anything that could constitute a commitment on Fly Akeed.
    • In the event that the user breaches any of these Terms and Conditions, the company reserves the right to:
  5. In the event that the user breaches any of these Terms and Conditions, the company reserves the right to:
    • warn the user violating these terms and conditions, and ask to stop this behavior;
    • Take the necessary action (including termination or the right to access the site, or suspend, or restrict).
    • take legal action against the violator.

Article 8: Cancellation of organic and blocking access

Fly Akeed and / or the company has the power to stop or cancel the user and / membership or access to the Site or the application at any time and without notice, for any reason, and without limitation.

Article 9: External links

Fly Akeed includes links to other sites, and the website is not responsible for the content of those sites or accuracy of the information or opinions contained therein, and that those sites are not subject to our part of the survey or monitoring of where the information is correct or comprehensiveness. The addition of links to Fly Akeed or any other site is not considered an approval of us, if the user wishes to move from our website to any of those sites, it would be the user’s responsibility.

Article 10 : Intellectual Property

All contents in the site, including but not limited to text, designs, logos, button icons, symbols, audio clips, data collected electronic and software, is the property and all rights are reserved for Technical Initiatives.

Article 11: Communication and Electronic Communications

  1. User agrees to communicate with Fly Akeed through e-mail, or through broadcast promotional announcements by Fly Akeed, and agrees that all agreements and declarations, statements and other communications provided to electronically serve as counterparts started, is made to meet the legal needs.
  2. Fly Akeed, agrees that during the period of membership of the user, to receive emails for promotions, changes or new procedures or activities that may be added to the site.
  3. Fly Akeed offers customers reservations and notification services through SMS, however, the company, does not bear the responsibility of the prohibition of these messages from the user communications service provider, any fees or charges may be imposed by the telecommunications service provider to the user when they receive these messages from Fly Akeed.

Article 12 : Confidentiality

  1. Fly Akeed takes the high standards in protecting its clients against unauthorized person, to steal your identity and personal information saved through our system. Knowing that the Internet is not a secure way, the confidentiality of your personal information can not be fully guaranteed.
  2. Fly Akeed has no control over the actions of any third party, like other Internet pages linked to this Site, or third parties claim to represent you and others.
  3. Fly Akeed has no control over the actions of any third party, like other Internet pages linked to this Site, or third parties claim to represent you and others.

Article 13: Cookies

Cookies are small part of the data sent from the website to your browser, which is then stored in the system used by the component. Cookies can collect personal information about you. Cookies allow us to identify the users of the page of the web site and the ads them on. To determine the most visited pages and those that received the most attention in our website. Cookies also make it easier to use while on the move between web pages. It allows us, for example, the ability to save the language favored by users, according to the last time the user visited the site. It enables us to give you the best experience when you return to our website, unless you do not want this to happen, you may disable this property in the browser settings.

Article 14: Information Security

We will take all reasonable measures to ensure the confidentiality of the information that you send to us through the website and protect it from unauthorized access. In spite of these measures, we can not guarantee unauthorized access to that information. We will not be responsible for any unauthorized access, but if it happened as a result of our negligence grave if not without longer or shorten, you are entitled in this case to obtain compensation equivalent to a maximum value of the services that you have purchased. To ensure safe online payment and all personal data transactions, the website uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology that encrypts all communications between your computer and our server so the information can be read and understood only by us. The closed padlock sign of the browser window means that you have a secure connection. For more information, please refer to your browser safety specifications. If you supply your own browser technology, your transaction will be automatically locked.

Article 15: The Evacuation and Limits of Liability

The services or information which is obtained from Fly Akeed and it’s services and any information which are provided in an "as is" and "as available" basis, the site will not be under any circumstances liable for any damages including, but not limited to: damage direct or indirect, special, incidental or resulting, losses or expenses arising in connection with this site can not be used by any party or in respect of any failure of performance, error, or omission or interruption or disruption or delay in operation or broadcast or due to virus Computer crashes or lines or systems, or was it the result of a breach of this Agreement or guarantees, negligence or for services or information, or otherwise, even if of the bank or his representative for the possibility of such damages, losses or expenses responsibility. We consider the alert to the previous damage above a key element of the deal between the user and Fly Akeed.

Article 16: General Provisions

This Convention (which amended from time to time according to its terms ) put all the outline of understanding and agreement between the user and Fly Akeed, with consideration to the following :

  • not the right of any person, nor a party to this Convention may impose any terms or conditions therein.
  • If you are translating the terms and conditions of any language other agreement, either on the site or in other ways, the Arabic text still prevails.

Article 17 : Applicable Law

The use of this site are interpreted as what is stated in this agreement or the terms and conditions by the laws enforce in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

I agree and pledge to abide by all local and international laws applicable in this regard, as well as the terms and conditions applicable regarding the use of the site


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